Allnet Smart Managed Switch

ALLNET smart managed switches

The future of switches is clearly in management. Due to the ever-increasing complexity of networks, it is increasingly important to assign special functions to certain

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Grandstream IP PBX

IP PBX Appliance

A powerful and yet easy-to-manage platform for voice, video, data and mobility communications has never been as easy to implement as the Grandstream UCM IP

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Allnet Nordic Grandstream

Grandstream Phones

New In: DECT IP phone series from Grandstream. For all scenarios where mobility and accessibility are a must, the DECT IP handsets from Grandstream are the

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Allnet Nordic Poynting

Poynting Omni-280 industrial antenna

Poynting Omni-280 industrial antenna About the Poynting OMNI-280-Series: 5G-ready Frequencies run from 698 – 3800MHz including excellent 2.4 GHz performance Secure your OMNI with one of the many different

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