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– to expand reach in the Nordic region

Collaboration will help seize the enormous business opportunity for personalised customer touch using guest Wi-Fi networks.

Ballerup – 22 sept 2016Cloud4Wi the industry’s leader in advanced guest Wi-Fi, today announced a partnership with ALLNET Nordic – one of Europe´s largest specialists in future-proof technology. Together, Cloud4Wi and ALLNET Nordic are able to address the common existing pain points for businesses with brick- and- motor locations – how can they gain value from providing guest Wi-Fi? The partnership represents a huge opportunity to expand reach in the Nordic market, and enhances the way customers are served.

Cloud4Wi offers Volare, an advanced guest Wi-Fi platform that provides a quick and seamless process to get connected. The powerful capabilities of the platform allow businesses to have total control over how they want to manage their guest Wi-Fi. In-depth analytics are collected and can provide valuable insights into who customers are and how they behave on-site. Leveraging this information, businesses can engage their customers in meaningful ways – helping drive om-site revenue while building strong customer relationship.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with ALLNET Nordic” said Gianni Altamura, VP Sales International at Cloud4Wi. “With this partnership, we can better seize opportunities locally and better serve our customers while accelerating our growth. Our technology is revolutionary and we are excited to stand with ALLNET Nordic at the front lines as we watch this industry take off”.

“Our customers want to get more our of offering guest-Wi-Fi, and we are so excited to partner up with Cloud4Wi because now we can deliver!” said Larsbo Christiansen, Product Manager at ALLNET Nordic. “The over-the-top Volare platform was just what we were looking for to complete our portfolio offerings. Through this partnership, we will enable customers to gain business value from their existing Wi-Fi networks.”